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Signalling equipment

WI-FI LED Traffic lights

The Wi-Fi traffic light arose from the need to control dangerous roadway junctions, harnessing the technology of RF (radio frequency) communication.

It is common knowledge that individual units must communicate with one another for the purpose of coordinating the correct light colour to display to flowing traffic. The use of RF technology eliminates the need to dig up the road surface in order to “bury” the cables and/or sensors required in the systems used today.

  • EJB-1A junction box acts as the control panel.
  • Frequency range of the external antenna 2400-2500MHz.
  • Available with 2 or 3 lights.


  • Body low copper content aluminium alloy;
  • Aluminium ring nut with tempered glass;
  • Externally, Fresnel lens and colored part in transparent polycarbonate.