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Product families
Buddhist StupasA complete range of lighting equipment and floodlights that use the latest LED technology as a light source.
Lighting products for areas at risk of explosion is made up of lighting fixtures and floodlights suitable for all applications.
The junction and pulling boxes, available in different methods of protection and materials are used in hazardous areas with risk of explosion.
This range of products consists of systems for visual, acustic and emergency signalling.

Plugs and sockets are available with a wide range of amperage and voltage and equipped with interlocked or automatic circuit breaker.
Full range of control stations equipped with command and control operators in 'Ex d', 'Ex e' way of protection and IP66 degree of protection.
NAV, NEV series cable glands are suitable for use in hazardous areas with danger of explosion.
Electrical fittings allowing independent rotation and connection between pipes of an electrical equipment.
Waterproof series includes watertight junction boxes made of aluminum, stainless steel and polyester resin and cable glands.
Our aspirators are suitable for explosive atmospheres. they are used for expulsion of air or fumes directly to the outside or in ducts