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Signalling equipment

LED Lighting fixtures for signalling

The new MSU series LED signalling lighting equipment is designed to be used in hazardous areas as indicator of dangers and for any communication need, replacing also acoustic signals.

It is a multi-unit device formed by a metal sheet base, fixable on walls, poles, by the EVML-50/G signalling lighting equipment and by an ‘Ex e’ aluminum junction box SA series. The EVML- 50/G LED signalling lighting equipment are available with a globe of different colours: blue, red, green, amber and clear.


  • Pre-wired ready to use multi-signalling unit;
  • Coating RAL7035. Suitable for offshore/onshore & harsh environments;
  • ‘Ex e’ termination area;
  • Quick and easy to terminate;
  • Cablegland NAV16IB, range cable 6 ÷ 14;
  • High ingress protection IP66;
  • Extreme temperature range -40°C...+60°C;
  • Light enhancing lens, 5 colour options;
  • Up to 5 beacon positions;
  • Power supply: 230 Vac;
  • Rated frequency: 50-60 Hz;
  • Lumen (single signal lamps): 1032 lm;
  • Max. light intensity (single signal lamps): 385 cd