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Signalling equipment

LED Traffic lights

CCA-02E/S...LD series traffic light system is suitable for regulating traffic in chemically aggressive industrial environments or potentially explosive areas classified as Zone 1 - 2 - 21 or 22.

The benefits offered by the CCA- 02E/S…LD system are as follows: lower maintenance costs, better visibility in critical conditions thanks to the LED lamps, better reliability thanks to the guaranteed continuous light even if one LED fails and, lastly, the lack of any “phantom” effect.


  • Body low copper content aluminium alloy;
  • Aluminium ring nut with tempered glass. Externally, Fresnel lens and colored part in transparent polycarbonate;
  • Protective plate in galvanized steel RAL 1003 painted;
  • Connecting Terminal Board and LED plate with electronic converter fixed on the aluminium internal frame;
  • Internal and external screw in stainless steel;
  • RAL 1003 polyester coating.