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Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures for fluorescent tubes “industrial series”

EXENC series fluorescent tube lighting fixtures can be installed in hazardous industrial plant units designated as Zone 2 and Zone 21-22.

A careful research of the materials and the choice of the most performing electrical components give to EXENC, in addition to a considerable duration, greater safety in all environments where a high protection against corrosion, dust, water and humidity is required.

Due to their robust mechanical properties, they can be installed in both outdoor and indoor industrial environments such as refineries, petrochemical plants, rubber producing plants, paper mills, tunnels, galleries.

In a more general sense, they are used in all those production processes where environmental conditions would deteriorate any other material and put the safety of the operating environment at risk. They are fitted with an electronic ballast system (RV series) for G13 bi-pin fluorescent tubes and can be supplied for either standard or emergency illumination.

EXENC series lighting fixtures are easy to install and have a high degree of reliability thanks to the EOL Protected system that allows one fluorescent tube to stop working in safety. EXENC lighting fixtures have been designed to be connected in series thus simplifying installation and doing away with the need for junction boxes.

The replacement of the battery, due to a fault in the emergency circuit or due to its depletion, is indicated by the turning off of the red LED.


  • Body in black shock and UV resistant fibreglass reinforced anti-static polyester resin;
  • Diffuser in transparent polycarbonate, shock and UV resistant;
  • Acid/hydrocarbon resistant expanded silicone gasket. Inner frame/reflector in white painted steel;
  • Stainless steel bolts and screws;
  • 2 x Ø25.5 entries (suitable for ISO M25 threads);
  • Lighting fixture kit contains 1 x model PLG2ILXE7 plugs and 1 x model UNI2LXE7SDS cable glands for non-armoured cable. Two steel brackets.