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Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures for fluorescent tubes

EXEN series fluorescent tube lighting fixtures can be installed in hazardous industrial plant units designated as Zone 2 and Zone 22.

The materials used in their manufacture makes them ideal for use in all environments where a high degree of protection is needed against corrosion, dust, water and humidity. Due to their robust mechanical properties, they are installed in both outdoor and indoor industrial environments such as refineries, petrochemical plants, rubber producing plants, paper mills, tunnels, galleries.

In a more general sense, they are used in all those production processes where environmental conditions would deteriorate any other material and put the safety of the operating environment at risk.

They are fitted with an electronic ballast system (RV series) for G13 bi-pin fluorescent tubes and can be supplied for either standard or emergency illumination. EXEN series lighting fixtures are easy to install and maintain and have a high degree of reliability thanks to the EOL Protected system that allows one fluorescent tube to stop working in safety.

EXEN lighting fixtures have been designed to be connected in series thus simplifying installation and doing away with the need for junction boxes.


  • Black polyester resin body reinforced with UV-resistant glass fiber;
  • V0 (UL 94) guaranteed self-extinguishing and UV-resistant transparent polycarbonate cup;
  • Internal white plasticized aluminum frame;
  • Stainless steel screws. Wiring through glass braid silicone rubber cables resistant up to 200°C;
  • Expanded silicone gaskets resistant to acids and hydrocarbons.