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LED Lighting Fixtures

EXENC-L series lighting fixtures for LED strips “industrial series”

EXENC-L series lighting fixtures with LED strips can be installed in hazardous industrial plant units designated as Zone 2 and Zone 21-22. A careful research of the materials and the choice of the most performing electrical components give to EXENC-L, in addition to a considerable duration, greater safety in all environments where a high protection against corrosion, dust, water and humidity is required.

  • Outdoor and indoor installation.
  • Designed for loop-in, loop-out connection, reducing installation costs and thus avoiding the use of junction boxes.


  • Body in black shock and UV resistant fibreglass reinforced anti-static polyester resin;
  • Diffuser in transparent polycarbonate, shock and UV resistant;
  • Acid/hydrocarbon resistant expanded silicone gasket;
  • Inner frame/reflector in white painted steel;
  • Stainless steel bolts and screws;
  • 2 x Ø25.5 entries (suitable for ISO M25 threads);
  • Lighting fixture kit contains 1 x model PLG2ILXE7 plugs and 1 x model UNI2LXE7SDS cable glands for non-armoured cable. Two steel brackets.