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LED Lighting Fixtures

Portable LED torches

L-3000 torch features high-performance LEDs, a new built-in dual optic system, a digital monitor showing battery status and a lighting management system, making it one of the most in-demand torch models in the industry. The L-5 hard hat torch, L-5S portable torch have been fitted with the latest generation LEDs and an automatic system to adjust light output based on input from a sensor. Designed mainly for use on hard hats and helmets, they are accessorized with fittings of various kinds, making them a valuable aid when used in conjunction with the L-3000 portable torch.

  • L-3000 torch has three different light output presets, allowing you to choose between a 4, 6 or 8-hour operating time.


  • Thermoplastic resin body with high impact strength and resi- stance to extreme temperatures and corrosive substances;
  • 2 x 135lm LEDs (total light output 200 lm);
  • Front lens shatterproof clear polycarbonate with built-in dual optics;
  • Rotates head to 3 postions;
  • Operating time of both LEDs can be set to 4, 6 or 8 hours;
  • Digital display located on rotating head indicating remaining hours and minutes of light;
  • 3.7V lithium ion battery easy for user to replace;
  • Charger included.