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LED Lighting Fixtures

LED Floodlights

EWL series LED floodlight combines a light and compact design with improved performance and reliability over time in terms of safety, efficiency and energy saving guaranteeing a lifespan of 20 years of constant high-quality illumination. The EWL series is suitable for installation in all those areas defined as hazardous due to the presence
of gases and explosive dusts such as Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.

  • Heat dissipation body which guarantees the LED plate long duration.
  • The LED plate can be accompanied by an optics that vary the photometry.
  • Simple installation and continuous illumination even in the event of failure of some LEDs.
  • ‘Ex e’ internal terminal junction box which allows the connection with an ‘Ex e’ cable gland (not barrier).
  • Designed to replace traditional up to 700W mercury, 400W metal halide and 500W incandescent lamps.


  • LED Coll White type, R4 group installed on the plate;
  • Optics which realize three opening of the light beam;
  • PLG1IB plug and NAV20SIB cable gland;
  • Low copper content aluminium alloy body;
  • Aluminium ring with tempered glass;
  • Bolts and screws in stainless steel;
  • Standard voltage 220-240 Vac for EWL-70, 100-240 Vac for EWL-80 and EWL-100. RAL 7035 polyester coating.