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Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures for discharge lamps up to 150 W

EWE series lighting fixtures are used to illuminate indoor or outdoor settings, either if diffuse or ambient light is required. EWE series lighting fixtures are compatible with discharge lamps from 70W to 150W halogen, sodium vapor or high pressure. The body is provided with fins which allow a better heat dissipation. The electrical connection is performed through a terminal board installed in a "Ex e" enclosure, which allows the entry with a cable gland with a sealing "Ex" ring (no barrier), as indicated by the installation on plant Standard (EN/IEC 60079-14). They are ideal to illuminate medium size settings.


  • Low copper content aluminium alloy body;
  • Borosilicate glass globe;
  • Standard power supply 230V 50Hz;
  • Stainless steel protective guard;
  • Internal/external stainless steel earth screw;
  • RAL 7035 polyester coating;
  • Silicone gaskets.