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LED Lighting Fixtures

High bay lighting fixtures with LED

EWL series lighting fixtures has a body with fins designed in order to obtain the maximum heat dissipation, maintaining a low temperature class. In fact, it acts as a heat sink for the LED plate board not permitting the accumulation of dust but allowing a self-cleaning in case of rain or air movement. EWL lighting fixture has a light beam opening of 120°.

  • Multi LED plate.
  • Operating life of 100,000 hours (20 years for 12 hours a day) reducing maintenance costs.
  • ‘Ex e’ internal terminal junction box which allows connection with an 'Ex e' cable gland (not barrier).
  • Excellent colour rendering (CRI>70).
  • Aluminium housing is designed with a finned body to efficiently dissipate heat and minimise dust accumulation.
  • 5 years warranty.


  • Coll White LED, R4 group installed on the plate;
  • Low copper content aluminium alloy body;
  • Aluminium ring with tempered glass;
  • Bolts and screws in stainless steel;
  • Standard voltage 220-240 Vac for EWL-70, 100-240 Vac for EWL-80 and EWL-100;
  • RAL 7035 polyester coating;
  • PLG1IB cap and NAV20SIB cable gland.