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LED Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures for LED strips

EVFD-L series lighting fixtures have been designed to provide the even distribution of light without taking up the limited vertical space available. The specially curved reflector and the transparency of the tempered glass tube combine to allow light to diffuse over a wide range and provide more pleasant, less tiring working conditions. All the electrical components are housed in an aluminium “enclosure” that can be easily removed from the fixture for maintenance work. Simply cleaning the glass tube ensures constant excellent illumination over time.

  • "Ex op is" protection.
  • Cortem LED strips.
  • Available in single-pipe or double-pipe version.


  • Low copper content aluminium alloy body;
  • Shockproof and temperature-resistant tempered glass tube;
  • Silicon acid/hydrocarbon resistant;
  • White painted galvanised steel;
  • RAL 7035 polyester coating;
  • Standard power supply 120-240 Vac (EVFD-1L), 100-277 Vac (EVFD-2L) 50/60Hz.