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Signalling equipment

Medium intensity Type A LED Obstruction lighting fixtures

The white color XLFE-MIA, with an intensity greater than 20,000 candles in daytime operation and greater than 2,000 candles in nighttime operation, complies with ICAO annex 14 for aviation obstruction warning lights of medium-intensity type A (corresponding to the FAA type of initials L-865). The XLFE-MIA series has been designed for Zone 1 with an ‘Ex db’ optical source. The particular design avoids any type of optical error typical of the glass globes. As required by the ICAO regulations, the XLFE-MIA series has a flashing operation, standard at 20 fpm, upon request at 40 fpm. The installation is eased by the reduced dimensions, the wiring is done with cable gland in a ‘Ex eb’ enclosure, avoiding the use of sealed cable glands or the resin finishing at high heights. 

  • Ex “op is” protection.
  • Power and control from through a panel board.


  • Body in low copper content aluminium alloy fitted with cooling fins for better heat dissipation;
  • Anodic oxidation surface treatment;
  • Glass face in shock and temperature resistant borosilicate glass sealed with aluminium shade ring;
  • Internal reflector in chrome-plated aluminum;
  • Silicone acid/hydrocarbon and high temperatures resistant gaskets.