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Signalling equipment

Lighting fixtures for safety warnings

The LED lighting fixtures for safety warnings CCA-03EX series is designed for installation in areas with risk of explosion where lighting may be stopped due to abnormal, unusual or accidental situations.

The CCA-03EX lighting fixture can be installed in indoor and outdoor environments and it can operate both in normal and emergency service, with a maximum duration of about 2 hours. In case of interruption of the supply voltage, electronics automatically turn on the lighting fixture.

CCA- 03EX lighting fixture has a compact size and features two directional LED spotlights. Battery replacement after a fault in the emergency circuit or due to battery exhaustion, is indicated by the red LED turning off. In case of emergency, the red LED turns off by activating the LED COB power supply through the battery.

  • Simple wiring, with the possibility of installing more equipment thanks to two threaded hubs studied for the through-wiring.
  • LED COB (Chip on Board) as light source, housed in a junction box with IP66 protection.


  • Body and lid in low copper content aluminium alloy;
  • Internal frames in stainless steel;
  • External adjustable brackets in stainless steel;
  • Glass face in shock and temperature resistant tempered glass;
  • Acid and hydrocarbon resistant silicone gaskets.