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Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures for discharge lamps for zone 2-22

EWN series fixtures have aluminium alloy bodies and borosilicate glass prismatic compartment. They combine structural strength and resistance in chemically aggressive environments with illumination of the process areas where they have to provide light at ground level (horizontal lux) as well as show up potential obstacles (vertical lux). “Ex nR” protection (restricted breathing) is obtained through the use of special wear and tear resistant silicone gaskets that make EWN lighting fixtures category 3 items of equipment. They are therefore suitable for use in hazardous areas classified as Zone 2 (Gases) and Zone 22 (Dusts).

These units come in three sizes 60, 80 and 100 with suitable electrical fitting to use discharge lamps ranging in power from 20W to 400W. They feature a large compartment to house electrical components separated from the optical compartment and excellent dissipation of heat generated by the ballast and lamp. The large dispersion area reduces the surface temperature and keeps it below the class T3/T4/T6 limits even when the units are installed in ambient temperatures of up to +60°C.


  • Aluminium alloy body with low copper content;
  • Standard power supply 230V 50/60Hz;
  • Lighting fixtures with multitap ballast upon request;
  • Shockproof and temperature-resistant borosilicate glass globe;
  • Internal and external stainless steel earth screw;
  • Wiring through silicone rubber cables with glass braid resistant up to 200°C;
  • Silicone seals resistant to acids and hydrocarbons;
  • RAL 7035 grey polyester coating;
  • Stainless steel guard.