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Junction Boxes

Junction box

CTB, CSTB junction box series is made from AISI 316L stainless steel sheet to ensure correct service in the aggressive environments it is installed in. With their high standard of quality and use of select raw materials processed with cutting-edge technologies, these boxes successfully withstand harsh external factors, such as water, dust, hard knocks, vibrations, corrosion and extreme fluctuations in temperature, ensuring a very long period of consistently reliable service.

CTB, CSTB series enclosures are mainly used as junction boxes or for routing cables for analogue or digital signals and for control and monitoring associated with equipment such as motors, pumps...etc..

The enclosures' main purpose is to protect the components inside from external factors, such as moisture or dust, which means they must have a suitable IP rating. Cortem tests its enclosures according to standard EN 60529 in its own accredited laboratory to provide assurance that this requirement is met.

Cortem works alongside customers as a reliable partner, configuring custom solutions tailored to their individual requirements and offering an extensive range of ideal products and components that are configured to produce cost-effective bespoke solutions.

  • Electropolished 316 L stainless steel junction boxes.
  • 25 different sizes.
  • IK10 mechanical strength.
  • IP66.


  • Acier inoxydable AISI 316L ;
  • Boulons et vis en acier inoxydable ;
  • Joint EPDM ;
  • Vis de terre internes/externes ;
  • Pattes de fixation.