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Control Equipment

Electronic grounding system

GRD-4200 series electronic equipment provides earthing for tankers during flammable liquids loading and unloading operations in hazardous areas.

Its operation is based on the reading of the resistive parameter to guarantee the earthing connection and to control the pump during loading and unloading operations.

GRD-4200 electronic grounding equipment obtained the SIL certification (Safety Integrity Level) Level 2 in accordance with IEC-61508 and EN-50495 standards which guarantees the ability of this system to perform its safety function.


  • Body and cover in low copper content aluminium alloy;
  • Stainless steel cover bolts;
  • Internal/external earth screw;
  • Fixing lugs. Connecting clamp complete with 8 meters of cable;
  • Selector insertion, red “stop” light and green “go” light;
  • Internal electronic earthing system;
  • Nickel-plated brass cable gland;
  • Ral 7035 polyester coating.